Overcome Breast Cancer UK

Support Overcome Breast Cancer UK and your local Breast Cancer Charity by purchasing specially chosen high-quality goods.

We donate 30% of the purchase price to your chosen charity

You can enjoy premium quality goods while donating a substantial sum to those that do so much to help those suffering Breast Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

This flask was designed in January to be available to celebrate the birthday of our NHS in July.
It seems very appropriate to offer them for sale now when our NHS needs our help more than any time in its history’

All the profit from the sale of this flask (30% of sale price – £5.89) goes to the NHS charity of your choice

Please help us with this initiative.

I love Our NHS etched thermos flask


Please select the charity you wish to support

Against Breast Cancer


Boudicca Breast Cancer Charity


Breast Friends Northampton



Thames Valley

Derby and Burton Hospitals Charity


Going For Bust Breast Cancer Charity

Dorset / Hampshire

Keeping Abreast Breast Cancer Charity


Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer


Make 2nds Count


Pretty N Pink Breast Cancer Charity


WUTH Charity – NHS Wirral Hospital


Overcome Breast Cancer UK provides a much needed fund raising service to Breast Cancer Charities. They all rely on public funding and many of them are actively researching cures and treatments. Our aim and heartfelt desire is that Breast Cancer can be completely eradicated in the UK at some time in the future.

This system also works! The latest donation was a very valuable 420 pounds presented to Addenbrooke’s. And, additionally, we know that this contribution will go directly towards cancer research, treatment and patient care and support.

Nearly everybody in the UK has been impacted by breast cancer. You will therefore doubtless know of a family member or friend that has had breast cancer. The scourge of breast cancer leaves children without mothers and husbands without wives. In my case it left a brother without a sister. We have to do more to rid ourselves of this disease and support those that are suffering as well as those left behind.

Indeed I started the Overcome Breast Cancer UK project because I lost my sister Carole Ann in 2014 before she reached her 52nd birthday. You can find out more  here.

Overcome Breast Cancer UK - donation

The Flasks

And what nicer way to add your support than to purchase a useful and high quality product. Our stainless-steel and bamboo flasks can keep cold drinks cold as well as hot drinks hot. They are precision tooled and laser etched with the design of your chosen charity. Not only will you have a useful product but by showing it to people you will be doing your bit to spread the word. What could be better than that? Well maybe using it to keep our world class teas hot when you are out and about. My business is based on selling premium teas from northern Thailand. However I deliberately chose the flasks as a separate initiative to help with the fight against breast cancer.

I hope you will join me in my efforts.

Many thanks

John Wombwell

Derby & Burton display