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Support your local Breast Cancer Charity by purchasing specially chosen high-quality goods.

30% of the purchase price is donated to your chosen charity

You can enjoy premium quality goods while donating a substantial sum to those that do so much to help those suffering Breast Cancer.

Thank you for your support.

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Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust


Derby and Burton Hospitals Charity


Bodom Buddies UK Cancer Charity


Butterflies Breast Care Support Group


Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust
Derby and Burton
Bodom Buddies
Butterflies Breast Care
Charity Tea flask

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Our aim is to help as many charities as we can through our sales of high-quality products, from which we donate a full 30% of the sales prices.
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We do not guarantee that we will support your choice, but we will endeavour to assess their suitability based on factors including but not limited to: the amount of funds they receive being used to assist those suffering breast cancer, the amount they absorb for administration, the salaries paid to their executives, (some charities’ executives are paid more than £400,000 per year. These we do not support), etc.

We may need to contact you for more information regarding your chosen charity or for the reason you wish we support them.

We reserve the right not to support a particular charity, nor to give reasons why we may decline.

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