Let’s Beat Breast Cancer – UK

Today, more than 130 women in the UK
will be told of their diagnosis of Breast Cancer


Deaths in 2015


Deaths in 2012


Deaths in 2012

“My younger sister, Carole Ann, lost her battle with breast cancer in 2014,
only months before her 52nd birthday. She was much too young.”

“One of the most distressing parts of Carole’s story is that if she had known what to look for she might have been able to recognize the symptoms earlier; she might have found treatment sooner. Her outcome might have been completely different…. if she had only known. Imagine how I felt when I saw her final Facebook entry, read her words and saw the diagram she had posted. It was then I knew I had to do something.

Daokrajai is taking up the battle against breast cancer.

We are donating 30% of the purchase price of a range of teas and accessories to Breast Cancer Charities.

Every sale gives us a chance to share those warning signs…so other women will know before it is too late.

Maybe we cannot change the world, but we can definitely influence our own little corner of it.

Please join us, and thank you for your support.

John Wombwell – Daokrajai – Lanna Fine Teas

Let’s Beat Breast Cancer!

Every purchase from our sites will result in a donation from the sale price being paid directly to Breast Cancer Charities. (This does not include shipping fees).

The donation will help with education, research, diagnosis, treatment and care for those susceptible to the condition.

Overcome Breast Cancer UK vet the charities we support carefully; ensuring that the monies donated are used in the best possible way to help those most disadvantaged to obtain the care and support needed.

Daokrajai Lanna Fine Teas fully appreciates your support in our goal to help as many women as possible beat this disease.

Change Is Brewing

Supported Breast Cancer Charities

If you would like us to support your favorite charity, please let us know

Against Breast Cancer


Boudicca Breast Cancer Charity


Breast Friends Northampton



Thames Valley

Derby and Burton Hospitals Charity


Going For Bust Breast Cancer Charity

Dorset / Hampshire

Keeping Abreast Breast Cancer Charity


Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer


Make 2nds Count


Pretty N Pink Breast Cancer Charity


WUTH Charity – NHS Wirral Hospital