Bossom Buddies
Bossom Buddies breast Cancer Chariry UK

 ‘One of Bosom Buddies’ main goals is to make mastectomies and chemotherapy a rarity not the norm. Education is key and our work involves doing everything within our power to inform the youth of today.

We are also committed to supporting those touched by cancer to empower their positive look forward to life after the battle.’

Pauline Giles, Founder & CEO, Bosom Buddies UK

CEO & Founder
Pauline Giles

Reg. Charity No. 1162942

Tywardreath Highway, Par

Bosom Buddies - What we do
  • We spread awareness about the early detection of breast cancer.
  • We show how to check for lumps.
  • We give gifts to cancer patients.
Bosom Buddies UK
  • We do events and roadshows with life-like latex breasts that can be felt, teaching how to detect lumps that could be cancer.
  • We do school visits to spread awareness at a critical young age.
  • We rely on volunteers to gift our chemo companion bags that are given away free to anyone undergoing cancer treatment.
Bosom Buddies Breast UK Cancer Charity
  • You can donate any amount you can afford (easily through our Donations section).
  • You can purchase any of our potentially life saving, fund-raising products.
  • You can become a volunteer.
  • You can donate items we can recycle.
  • Straight back into our Schools Programme and our loving Chemo Companion.

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