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Please fill in as much information as possible so we can complete your webpage on our fundraising website.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact John here.



    We request that you supply a letter authorizing overcomebreastcancer.co.uk to raise funds for your cause. We will post excerpts of your letter on your webpage. This gives supporters confidence to purchase and therefore donate to your cause knowing that you are aware of our work in raising funds for your cause. Please send your letter to: John Wombwell. 175 Beamhill Road. Burton on Trent. DE13 9QN OR attach a Word or PDF to this mail.

    You can attach your letter here if you like.

    I will be using Social Media to advertise your page on www.overcomebreastancer.co.uk. I would appreciate you doing the same to encourage supporters to help raise funds for your cause. Please use your Social Media and other channels to promote your page on our website. You are also welcome to post on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/overcomebreastcanceruk/. We also have a Facebook Group which is open to all charities/groups that I support. Your application to join will be automatically approved. https://www.facebook.com/groups/OvercomeBreastCancerUK/

    Website search engines very much like cross linking between websites and this improves search ranking for sites that do this, increasing your and our visibility to the public. I ask that you have a link from your own website to www.overcomebreastcancer.co.uk.

    I would like to have your authorized Logo on our website. Please confirm that we can copy the logo from your website OR please send a high-resolution JPG or PNG file of your logo to be included on our website. You can upload one at the bottom of this form or send later.

    *NOTE IN ADDITION - In order to have your logo etched onto the products sold to generate donations to your cause, I need a monochrome (Black and White) image to use as a template to produce the final design. Please send your design as either: JPG, PNG or PDF to [email protected] I will produce a design for your approval. On your approval, I will order a product with your logo and will send to you for your acceptance. After final approval, I will order product for sale on your webpage. You may upload a file at the bottom of this form or send to me later.

    Attach images here:

    If your files are too big to send with the form please send them directly by email or provide a link where we can download them.

    I look forward to generating funds for your cause.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: Email: info @ overcomebreastcancer.com Tel: 0743-529-0548