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Butterfly Pea Tea with Lemongrass- Addenbrookes


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25 x 1.5g teabags of Herbal Tea – Butterfly Pea with Lemongrass

Our famous Blue Tea.

Your purchase results in a donation of £1.76 to ACT4Addenbrookes, and £0.75 to the Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Foundation, Bangkok.

£2.52 donated to Breast Cancer Charities.

20 in stock

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Butterfly Pea with Lemongrass Herbal Tea:

We believe that we were one of the first to bring this wonderful herbal tea to Europe after we found it in small villages in Northern Thailand 6 years ago.

It is a combination of the flower of the Clitoria ternatea, (commonly known as Butterfly Pea or Asian pigeonwings), and lemongrass.

It has a uniquely and natural blue colour and with a base of lemongrass brings a very tasty beverage with a wonderfully smooth texture, without caffeine.

The butterfly pea contains antioxidants similar to green tea, and has a similar taste.

Add a splash of lemon or lime juice and see the colour change from blue to purple, an ideal way to encourage children to drink healthily instead of consuming sugar laden carbonated drinks.

We have found that non-tea drinkers that normally prefer coffee are quite happy with the flavour of our Butterfly Pea with Lemongrass.