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Red Tea with Ginger – Addenbrookes


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25 x 1.5g teabags of Red Tea with Ginger

Your purchase results in a donation of £1.80 to ACT4Addenbrookes, and £0.77 to the Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Foundation, Bangkok.

£2.56 donated to Breast Cancer Charities.

20 in stock

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Red Tea with Ginger:

Ginger is high in vitamin C and originated in China where it is used as a herbal medicine to calm stomach complaints and nausea and also to stimulate the appetite.

In fact the word we use for a tea container the caddy’, comes from the traditional Chinese weight unit for ginger, the ‘catty’.

Only natural, dried ginger is used in our tea and brings a wonderful biting flavour to our premier Red Tea.

This tea is proving to be one of our most popular.